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The Bernard Brodie Prize

Bernard Brodie lecturing, by Walter Sanders for Life Magazine, September 1946

Contemporary Security Policy is honored to announce the winner of the annual Bernard Brodie Prize, given for the outstanding article appearing in the journal the previous year. The Brodie Prize for 2014 goes to:

Nick Ritchie, Valuing and Devaluing Nuclear Weapons, April 2013. Dr. Ritchie is Lecturer in the Department of Politics at the University of York. We are honored to congratulate Dr. Ritchie on his accomplishment.

The award is named for Dr. Bernard Brodie (1918-1978), author of The Absolute Weapon (1946), Strategy in the Missile Age (1958) and War and Strategy (1973). Brodie's ideas remain at the center of security debates to this day. One of the first analysts to cross between official and academic environments, he pioneered the model of civilian influence that CSP represents.

The other nominees for the 2014 prize were:

This is the fifth Bernard Brodie prize. Previous awards went to Patrick M. Morgan, University of California, Irvine, "The State of Deterrence in International Politics Today," April 2012; Sebastian Mayer of the University of Bremen, "Embedded Politics, Growing Informalization? How Nato and the EU Transform Provision of External Security," August 2011; Jeffrey W. Knopf, Monterey Institute of International Studies for "The Fourth Wave in Deterrence Research," April 2010; and Diane E. Davis of MIT, for "Non-State Armed Actors, New Imagined Communities, and Shifting Patterns of Sovereignty and Insecurity in the Modern World," August 2009.